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Comprehensive management of your property


Comprehensive short-term rental management


During guests' stay, we will provide fresh bed linen, towels, and toiletries.

Property maintenance

Our caretaker will promptly handle minor repairs.

Guest communication

We will ensure 24/7 contact with guests.

Profit monitoring

We will provide unrestricted access to the owner's reservation calendar.

Transparent agreement and settlement terms

We offer very favorable contract conditions and clear settlements.

Payment handling

We enable card payments, mobile payments, online transfers, and cash.

Interior class a key to success

We will advise on how to design and furnish the apartment to attract attention and earn even more for you.

Price policy management

We continuously monitor the prices of the local market and the calendar of events and cultural happenings. We will maximize the potential of your apartment and its location.

Unlimited owner's stay

We guarantee owners of apartments constant access to their property.


Property enhancement

We will equip your property with necessary items for the comfort of your guests.

List of items
  • paper towel holder
  • cutlery set
  • set of deep plates 20 cm
  • set of flat plates 25 cm
  • set of saucers 19 cm
  • set of cups 25 cl
  • set of 45 cl glasses
  • set of 17 cl glasses
  • carafe 1 l - 1 pc.
  • set of 30 cl wine glasses
  • corkscrew - 1 pc.
  • set of 2.5 cl glasses
  • glass bowl 28 cm
  • a set of 5 kitchen utensils
  • cutlery container
  • cutlery rack
  • dish drying rack
  • set of 3 knives
  • cutting boards 28x36 cm
  • frying pan 28 cm
  • set of 3 pans with lids
  • saucepan
  • sugar bowl
  • salt cellar, pepper cellar
  • coasters
  • pot holders
  • electric kettle
  • 10 l waste basket
  • waste basket 3 l
  • dustpan and dustpan
  • mop and bucket
  • toilet brush
  • soap dispensers
  • laundry dryer
  • wash bowl
  • ironing board
  • iron
  • hair dryer
  • set of hangers
  • a set of sheets 200x200 cm or 140x200 cm (depending on the size of the bed)
  • set of pillows 70x80 cm
  • duvet 155x200 cm or 140x200 cm (depending on bed size)
  • bedding set 160x200/70x80 cm or 140x200/70x80 cm

Photo session

Our photographer will take professional photos of your apartment.


In cooperation with a local dry cleaning service, we will ensure that the linens and towels are always clean and starched.


After each stay, we will thoroughly clean the apartment and provide any necessary cleaning supplies, toiletries, coffee, tea, and even cutlery or glasses.


We will take care of ensuring high visibility for your apartment on leading listing platforms and promote it on social media.

Guest reception

We will ensure that guests can quickly and efficiently check-in at a time convenient for them.



As a company specializing in short-term rental management, we are introducing an innovative program called "Home Exchange" and "Home Exchange Plus" that will allow our clients to freely use the premises of other program participants throughout the country.

Thanks to the Home Exchange program and Home Exchange Plus, our cooperating clients will have the opportunity to exchange their premises for a specified number of days in the apartments of other participants, according to the rules and methods described in the programs available in the attached materials.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the program details. By clicking the buttons below, you will learn more about the Home Exchange program and Home Exchange Plus, as well as the benefits you can derive from them.